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Get Hijacked Or Have Conversations

As we get closer to municipal elections, I see more and more candidates jumping on Twitter to start conversations – and that’s awesome. I think it’s great that candidates are finally recognizing that they need to have those conversations online and reach a broader base of voters. What’s not so awesome is when candidates create their own hashtags, for example #hardwickformayor (no, I’m not running for mayor anytime soon).

Here’s a few reasons why I would not recommend creating your own hashtag – unless of course, you’re a Twitter superstar. Hashtags are where conversations happen – positive and negative. When you create a hashtag you’re assuming people will congregate on it. Well, one of three things will happen: Read more

Barack Obama Goes Between Two Ferns

Over the past few years, I’ve been talking about video and using it effectively to drive people to do things on the web. I’ve never found anything extremely interesting that drives me to do something using video, well not as interesting as what I’m about to write about in this post.

This week as usual at Grassroots Online we picked our topics for the RootsCast. And it was this week’s episode that finally made me laugh – even before we started to air our podcast. One of our topics for this week is an awesome example of using video to push people to a website and complete an action. Read more

A Primer On Responsive Design

Over the past year or so, you’ve probably heard a lot tech buzz words or terms. Responsive Web Design may have been one of those terms. It’s definitely a term you want to be familiar with considering the digital age we live in today.

What Is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design is a modern design approach that takes into consideration that people view websites on different devices – handhelds, tablets and desktops and although they are viewing on it different screen sizes the user should have a relatively similar experience. Read more

10 Ways Politicians Should Behave On Twitter

As a web designer I write a lot of code, but I also enjoy writing and giving advice about issues that really make my blood boil. So here’s my rant (and advice) on how I believe elected officials and aspiring politicians should behave and engage on Twitter.

It all started Sunday morning while reading tweets by people I follow and noticing what seemed to be another heated exchange of words going on between a few different people, mainly an elected official and an aspiring politician.

As I dug in and started reading the conversation, what I discovered was sniping between two old friends that are now butting heads because of politics. I’m not saying that there aren’t some real issues that need to be dealt with in this conversation – some maybe even need to be reported to the local police. But what I am saying is that the large majority of voters don’t want to hear or see politicians and those seeking office bickering back and forth on non-policy related issues.

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Online Voting Is A Bad Idea

There are two things in life I’m very passionate about: politics and the Internet. Over the past 6 years, my life has involved both at various levels and the two always seem to be married to each other. So that’s why the other day when I had to opportunity to engage on Twitter and discuss a subject that ties them together, I did just that – engaged.

A few weeks ago, I noticed a statement on Twitter about online voting, so I tweeted at the person and said it’s bad idea. They didn’t reply, so I just filed the tweet as a subject that wasn’t up for discussion. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to bring up online voting again during another conversation on Twitter. I asked why they felt online voting was a good idea. The answer I got was basically: “I support it because it will make it easier for people to vote.” So I articulated why I felt it was a dangerous. The engagement halted after a few tweets, but was continued on by others who also have the same viewpoint as me: online voting is a bad idea.

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