Even The NY Times Struggles To Promote

Anyone in current affairs is familiar with the newspaper industry. Specifically, their struggle with maintaining their audience in an increasingly digital world. One of the giants of that industry, the New York Times, is no different. However, we don’t often get a deep look inside that struggle to recalibrate to thrive on the Internet.

But that is exactly what is contained in a report that was leaked a few weeks ago. The report (embedded below) is worth reading if only to better understand how an organization with arguably limitless content is still having a hard time figuring out the new rules of operation. Read more

Armies Are Recruited

As we watch the Ontario election unfold, one of the interesting footnotes is the battle on social media. According to reports like this one, Tim Hudak and his Million Jobs Plan are leading the discussion on Twitter by a wide margin. However, the report goes on to say that much of the sentiment (which is a tough metric to measure, but I digress), is negative. Meaning, people are talking about the Ontario PCs and its Leader, but not in a good way. Read more

A BuzzFeed Boost?

Late last week, the Ontario Liberals publicized a BuzzFeed post about their leader, Kathleen Wynne, entitled: The Top 20 Reasons Why Kathleen Wynne Rocks. For the uninitiated, BuzzFeed is a pop culture aggregator, posting daily lists and articles about cats, celebrities and everything in between. Read more

5 Lessons From 5 Years In Business

This week, I am pleased to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Grassroots Online. Having started this on my own in May 2009, I am quite happy with the way the business has evolved over the last five years, the wonderful clients we’ve had the privilege of working with and the files we have been able to participate on.

The last year also saw Grassroots Online add a partner in Mark Hardwick and help launch a new advocacy platform. So, there is a lot to reflect in the last 12 months of operation. After four years in business, I published 4 lessons I learned along the way. This year, I’m going to list five important lessons I have gathered over my five years as a business owner and entrepreneur. Read more