5 Tactics For Elected Officials

I recently met with a sitting Member of Parliament (who shall remain nameless) to discuss his social media operations. The MP in question wanted me to provide some advice to him and his staff on how best to engage their local constituents in the online space. While I will list out the advice I offered him and his team, what I found interesting was where he told me things were at. Read more

2014 April Fools Roundup

People do a lot of silly things on the Internet to celebrate April Fools Day each year. In fact, we here at Grassroots Online do not launch anything into the world on April 1st, lest the product in question gets mixed up with all of the other madness that pops up online.

The tech industry in general absolutely loves April Fools Day and many of the bigger brands (Google, Tumblr, Reddit, Samsung, LinkedIn, Nokia, Kickstarter) are all participating. Some observers see these stunts as a way to blunt public criticism if/when they do something unpopular at other times during the year. Others feel it is a way to show their clever/creative side in a more playful context. Read more