Report: Canadians Going Mobile Online

Every year, comScore releases their “Digital Future In Focus” report to offer some insight into how Canadians spend their time on the Internet. The 2014 edition can be found here and I recommend it as required reading for anyone who wanted to better understand how Canadians behave in the digital space and what the wider trends say about where the future is headed. Read more

Facebook Reach: Pay To Play

If your organization or campaign runs a Facebook Page, it looks like the only way to reach your audience is to pay for ads. The truth around how much of your audience can be reached organically (through just posting the content, likes, comments and shares) has been a topic of substantial debate amongst page administrators, advertisers and observers for quite a while now.

A few months ago, Ogilvy released a study that showed organic reach has seen a substantial drop since October. In a video posted in January that caught a lot of attention, science video blog Veritasium took Facebook to task over what they saw as Facebook deliberately keeping page content from users. Now, Valleywag is quoting Facebook insiders who are saying that “the social network is ‘in the process of’ slashing ‘organic page reach’ down to 1 or 2 percent.” What does that mean? It means that if you have 1,000 Facebook likes for your page and you post something to the page, only 20 or 30 people will see it without some kind of boost, either through those people sharing the post or boosting it with an ad. Read more

New Tools For Twitter Users

Twitter users can expect to see a few new changes on their feeds, which provide more options for regular users of the microblogging platform. Earlier this week, Twitter announced that users can now post up to four photos in each Tweet. In addition, the new changes will allow users to tag up to 10 other Twitter users in a photo. Importantly, neither the photos nor the tagging will be included in the 140 character count. Read more

Barack Obama Goes Between Two Ferns

Over the past few years, I’ve been talking about video and using it effectively to drive people to do things on the web. I’ve never found anything extremely interesting that drives me to do something using video, well not as interesting as what I’m about to write about in this post.

This week as usual at Grassroots Online we picked our topics for the RootsCast. And it was this week’s episode that finally made me laugh – even before we started to air our podcast. One of our topics for this week is an awesome example of using video to push people to a website and complete an action. Read more