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How Not To Defend Yourself Online

Long-time Mayor of Brampton Susan Fennell is in a tough campaign to be reelected. According to a poll conducted in the spring, Fennell is polling at around 18%, putting her in third place. One of the key reasons for this, observers say, is an expense controversy that has dogged Fennell for quite some time.

In response to this reality, Fennell has launched a Brampton Truths initiative, which looks to counter some of the allegations around her. The Mayor has tweeted a link to an email her team sent to the media responding to allegations. Her team has also decided to take the fight to social media, setting up a Twitter account and Facebook Page. Read more

5 Tactics For Elected Officials

I recently met with a sitting Member of Parliament (who shall remain nameless) to discuss his social media operations. The MP in question wanted me to provide some advice to him and his staff on how best to engage their local constituents in the online space. While I will list out the advice I offered him and his team, what I found interesting was where he told me things were at. Read more

4 Rules For Choosing A Campaign URL

So, you’ve decided to run for office or mount a campaign for change. You’ve invested the effort in designing a website for your effort and now it’s time to decide on a URL. What you may not realize is that the choice you make is a very important one and should be considered carefully before settling on the address you will send current and potential supporters to. Here are 4 rules to keep in mind when you weigh your options.

Rule #1: Easy To Remember

First and foremost, you want to make it easy for others to find your website. So it make sense to grab a URL that folks can easily remember and that is easily recalled. If you’re an individual, the easiest step is to go with your full name. If you have a long name (say Apu Nahasapeemapetilon) you may want to only use your first name. In Canada, “.ca” addresses are usually available, but if you can grab a .com, then even better. If it is a campaign you are working on, the same rules apply. Make is a statement that fits directly with your cause but doesn’t take a notepad to remember. Read more

5 Strategies For Managing Pressure Groups Online

I had the privilege of conducting a webinar for a number of members of an industry coalition that often finds itself as a target of numerous pressure groups on a regular basis. These pressure groups target the consumers of this industry in an attempt to embarrass the company into making changes the pressure groups feel are important.

There were five suggested strategies from the webinar that I presented to attendees. I feel these same five strategies are relevant to anyone who regular deals with an opponent, stakeholder group or any other coordinated efforts to damage their organization’s brand or otherwise cause trouble. Below is my advice on how to weather the storm in the digital space:

Prepare, Prepare

A house cannot withstand a hurricane if it doesn’t have a solid foundation and reinforced framing. It is never a good idea to start making plans on how to address a crisis once a campaign against your organization has already begun. Instead, it is important to start thinking about what possible issues could come up and what a communication and engagement plan under such a scenario would look like. While every campaign is different, an online campaign leaves a digital trail that you can analyze to better anticipate what may be coming. Read more