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Rethinking Hashtag Campaigns

If you have been reading this blog for any length of time, you know that I approach hashtag campaigns very cautiously, as I have talked about here and here. But recently I have started to rethink the utility of hashtag campaigns, primarily in the area of raising awareness.

There is plenty of data to support the statement that hashtags work. I wrote about some of that data here. As I noted in that post, even Twitter itself has data to show that hashtags increase engagement for both individuals and brands. As my colleague Mark pointed out last week, it makes more sense to jump on an existing hashtag than try and start your own one. Read more

5 Tactics For Elected Officials

I recently met with a sitting Member of Parliament (who shall remain nameless) to discuss his social media operations. The MP in question wanted me to provide some advice to him and his staff on how best to engage their local constituents in the online space. While I will list out the advice I offered him and his team, what I found interesting was where he told me things were at. Read more

10 Ways Politicians Should Behave On Twitter

As a web designer I write a lot of code, but I also enjoy writing and giving advice about issues that really make my blood boil. So here’s my rant (and advice) on how I believe elected officials and aspiring politicians should behave and engage on Twitter.

It all started Sunday morning while reading tweets by people I follow and noticing what seemed to be another heated exchange of words going on between a few different people, mainly an elected official and an aspiring politician.

As I dug in and started reading the conversation, what I discovered was sniping between two old friends that are now butting heads because of politics. I’m not saying that there aren’t some real issues that need to be dealt with in this conversation – some maybe even need to be reported to the local police. But what I am saying is that the large majority of voters don’t want to hear or see politicians and those seeking office bickering back and forth on non-policy related issues.

Read more

Lack Of Tech Prowess Is A Symptom Of A Wider Problem

A recent NY Times article outlining the cultural and/or generational (depending on your perspective) conflict that is happening in the Republican Party right now is causing quite a stir. After their drubbing at the polls last November, everyone recognizes that the GOP needs to make some big changes; the true challenge is determining exactly what those changes should be. A new candidate? Policy direction? Organizational focus and techniques? All of the above?

In a debate about the GOP’s future, the technology question quickly becomes a chicken and egg argument. Did the Obama campaign succeed because of their technological prowess, or did technology help mobilize those who support the message and/or the messenger? Read more