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AGency resources at startup speed

Grassroots Online is your one-stop shop for all creative assets your campaign may need. We do everything through a public affairs lens—with an emphasis on impact and action.

Always bring value

We start by asking strategic questions and understanding what your objectives are. Then we build an informed plan that serves those goals and maximizes impact.


Campaign Design + Planning
Audience Identification
Project Management
Campaign Optimization
Analytics + Reporting


Our tools are informed by our 20+ years of campaign experience in Canada. We make it fast and easy to deploy and manage a robust advocacy campaign so you can see real results.


Email Your Elected Officials
Click To Call
Activist Dashboard
Submit Your Story

Our award-winning design team and engineers with proficiency across multiple fields, specializations and platforms are the reason many clients continue to work with us over and over.

Content with impact

The look and feel of your campaign sets the tone for everything. The right colours, fonts and images can speak volumes before visitors read one word.


Branding + Logos
Website Design
Email Templates

your message matters

No matter how you communicate with your audience, we do it with action in mind. We craft copy that captures attention and gets results.


Social Media Channels
Social Video
Email Campaigns
Community Engagement
Targeted Advertising


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